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Blair C. McHaney, Gold’s Gym of Wenatchee

zitatI have taken (the reACT) to 2 different health fairs and the response is ridiculous. Our members absolutely love it and our trainers have incorporated it into all athletic training. When you see it, don’t be fooled by how benign it appears. The longest we have had anyone stay on while using it correctly is about 3 minutes.»

Jake Moe NWCN’s Ski Northwest

(Founder of POWDER Magazine)

zitatAs I travel around and interview/film skiers, the most common complaint is that their Quads are NOT in the shape that allows them to perform at the ski level that they would like. In my own experience, I have found that the reACT has greatly strengthened my quads and have made it possible to perform On Camera in a great variety of terrain and snow conditions. I recommend the reACT highly. It’s an awesome machine.»

US Ski Team

zitatThe reACT is a vital part of our training program. For us it has opened a new door to strength training. It seems that the machine can bring the athletes into the anaerobic ‘zone’ very far. We think that the more structured training we do on the reACT the more benefit we will have. It’s innovative design affords low impact training while giving our athletes a really tough leg workout at the same time. This allows our athletes to perform a significant amount of training without the added risk of injury. The team has tried to make such an apparatus, and has looked at 8-12 other machines, but this one is the only one that is effective.»

Brian Cronin, Udistrict Physical Therapy

zitatThe reACT has been great for us in all three aspects of the business – PT, sports training, and personal training. Next week we finish our 4-month of ski/snowboarding training and the hit of the class is the reACT. I have a 65-year-old female, 58 year old guy, 48-year-old guy and younger people going 4 minutes. Staff record to this point is 5 minutes. As far as PT, I use it with most of my lower extremity patients. Low level or acute injuries, I always show them the reACT on the first visit as a form of motivation. Knee patients, patellofemoral, post-op scopes, ACL’s, all enjoy the reACT and do not report any pain. That’s the nice part. Less pain, incredible quad workout. Can’t find that anywhere else.»

SKI Magazine

zitatRarely do we discover a truly unique training device, but the new reACT is just such a machine. It’s efficient (three one minute intervals leave your legs aching the next day) and non-impact (your feet stay on platform at all times). Plus, it focuses on the eccentric muscle contractions (the phase in which the muscle is lengthening, primarily used for skiing) rather than concentric contractions (the shortening phase that most training equipment emphasizes). Use the reACT for even two minutes three days a week and not only will your quads, hamstrings, and glutes be stronger, they’ll stay burn free longer on the hill.»




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